Staff Input for Online Course Work

Does this exist? For music theory online courses, I would like a simple interface that allows students to put notes on a staff, like in the exercises on It should be able to plug into my LMS (maybe Google Forms?) and allow students to (at minimum) spell chords and (even better) complete melodic dictation.

If this does not exist, please pass this message along to the good people at Noteflight or other code monkeys who might want to make some music professors very happy.

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    1. you might even be able to do it with free noteflight. You would set up a score the way you want (say empty bars with roman numerals below and some instructions about buidling chords etc.). Then you could use the embed feature (under sharing – to post the score in D2L or wherever.). You need to make sure you enable anyone to see and edit. With this set up – students will see the activity in D2L. They can then click the littl ebox to open that activity on the noteflight site. If they have a free account – they can login and edit that (complete the exercise). Problems: they need to leave D2L. They need to go They need a noteflight account. They need to “save a copy”of the score before editing, otherwise this is a true one trick pony. And finally they would need to share the score with you (assuming you want to correct it). Noteflight premium and teacher editions allow you to save as an activity template which would solve one of the above problems. And perhaps you could find other solutions to improve the workflow – but its really not ideal.

      Too bad does not have this kind of interaction tool – because he does allow you to embed an html snippet into a website which works beautifully in Canvas and Backboard and I would assume D2L.

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